Clean, cool and cozy with a naty maat

Just ask the young little Swedes; to have a good maat is about the best thing in the world. It’s especially pleasing when you’re just a few months old and are enjoying your first experiences in meeting other little ones just your size. Perhaps there are some of you out there who can remember those days, but then again, probably not. Because most grownups really can’t remember what they were up to at that age.

They most probably wouldn’t even remember when their mums were busy changing their nappies or diapers, and they won’t have recollections of all the tears from a rather nasty little rash from time to time. But perhaps if you had a younger brother or sister, you might remember. You might remember too your loving mother washing and washing and then hanging up all those diapers on the line to dry. Or maybe not.

Maybe many of you reading this are too young to remember such days, because many of you might already have had the experience of wearing today’s disposable diapers. They’re quick, easy and convenient for moms to apply, but they’re always so nice for the baby’s bottom. And maybe you’ve had new awakenings on all the serious environmental concerns. One of the biggest problems to the environment is those caused by the selfsame diapers being tossed into the garbage can, poop and all.

But thank goodness, not any more. Not since the new naty maat has arrived. In fact, it has been around for quite some time. It’s clean, cool and cozy too. Not only that, it’s really good for the environment as well. Let’s quickly explain why before we say chow-chow. The naty maat is an eco smart nappy. And it was designed some years ago by a very smart lady who had some serious concerns about the damage conventional disposable diapers were causing to the environment.

The diapers being quite cozy for the babies, it’s also quite safe for them to wear. Apart from designing these diapers to take kind consideration of the environment, the diapers have been built specifically for comfort and performance. These diapers are completely bleached and do not contain a single fiber of latex. And when baby has to poop, there’s no smells either. Naty number five is perfectly sized for little juniors weighing as little as ten kilos and as heavy as twenty five kilos.

The handy pack contains over forty diapers. And, no matter where you are in the world, in case you did not know this already, you can order these smart diapers online. These diapers are also hypoallergenic, meaning there’s no risk of your baby picking up any nasty rashes. So, there you go, you might not remember the discomfort from when you were small, but at least now you know you can take care of your new little ones in a really swell way. And take care of your environment as well.